(Lovely children welcome you on Boayond Farm)

(Reported by Liz Huang)

Debby, who was born and have lived in Pingtung, promotes her beautiful farm and Pingtung now.
All I know her, is from my junior high school classmates, Bryant and Ya-Chu.
She is a hospitable and passionate girl, just like a sunshine in Pingtung
Even though she needs to work hard in her master thesis and daily work, she still helps finish this mini interview.


1. Why and when did you decide to be a host? 為什麼及什麼時候開始決定做沙發主人?

A friend of mine was on couchsurfing (CS) and he's a frequent user on CS. He's a German exchange student studying in Taiwan. While in Taiwan, he used CS to host people from around the world and I hangout with them sometimes when he was hosting. Then I started to use CS to host people, because my family had a farm and some spare room.


(Middle one is the friend of Debby, Julian, who comes from German)

2. What happened to your first, interesting and awful guest? 分享第一個、最有趣、最可怕的沙發客經驗。

The overall experience was fun, the CSer helped out on my family farm and I showed them around Pingtung when I had a chance.


(Traditional Paiwan delicacy吉拿富)


3. Is anything changed after you've been a host? 在做為沙發主人前後,你是否有任何改變?

I guess CS changed me in a way that I got to know a variety of people from all walks of life and understand different lifestyle. One of my good friend uses CS all the time when he travels and his lifestyle amazed me....just travel around and seek for any opportunity that come along. Shortcoming is that because my house is at least 20 min from any public transportation, I usually have to take the surfers to my home. That's why I only host people when I have spare time.


(One couple CSers, Reggie and Mark, of Debby in Fall, 2011.)
Debby在2011年接待過的情侶檔沙發客,Reggie and Mark。

(Debby shared Chinese New Year Chinese New Year feast with her couchsurfer.)

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If you want to share your experiences as couch host or guest in Pingtung, please click here.


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